(GAS Infrastructure Services)

Business Energy contracts come with a free consultation. We work with over 90% of the energy market including the big 6, you are sure to make savings with our impartial and informative approach to how you can save money. We simply

  • Check your bill
  • Provide pricing options
  • Switch your supplier (or renew with your current supplier)
  • Provide ongoing account management (whilst you enjoy your savings)


We ensure that your gas appliances are operating safely, and provide you with advice and guidance on problems discovered. In case the gas is required for future use, there will be a charge for a new connection, which must be paid before the work commences.

Change of Tenancy

Sometimes during a tenancy the owner changes and a new ownership takes over. This could be due to various reasons such as a different property management company takes over the tenancy or the landlord goes overseas, or the property was on rent which was brought to be sold. In such situations OST Solutions can be of great help.

New Connection

For reliable Gas connections we can connect your office, property or business to the Gas network for a reliable and seamless supply. As part of this process, we help you identify the suppliers from our network and make it available to your premises. We’ll also assist to establish a new connection contract with you.

We can make a combined saving of 20% on all utility bills (Electric, Gas and water)

Provide a dedicated account manager to arrange your energy and water tarrifs and be there for ongoing assistance.

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