Who we are and what we do?

Our parent company (Wenso IT Solutions) has established itself as a leading IT company over the last decade in business. Based in Manchester, we have always been working
with both SME’s and larger organisations to help them drive the most out of what IT can bring to their particular industry. We have always kept a strong relationship with our SME clients over the years, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about helping business. Through this regular interaction it was clear that we could provide additional value to some of our long term clients in several areas of their business which led to the formation of One Stop business solutions.

Emphasizing more on the operational side and the continuous running of the SME’s OST with its deep understanding of the business and its long nurtured relationship has tried to expand its horizon. It intents to venture into the utility industry by partnering and working with the reputed names of this industry so that they can leverage these partnership drive the SME’s saving for the essential services.

Our portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of business needs including saving money on your utilities including Electricity, Gas and water. Improving your use of digital and IT platforms to drive more efficiency in your operations and increase your bottom line. OST solutions not only enables businesses to save where they currently spend, but also to drive growth into the business by working alongside our parent company Wenso IT solutions who are specialists in the digital and IT arena. We have helped many SME’s attract more business to their website and convert those potential customers into paying, loyal customers. Are your online sales where they could be?

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